Hi there, I’m Rebecca from the Media Trust and I’d like to tell you about free film production workshops we’re running through our TV channel, Community Channel and our Brilliant Arts season.

It’s important to film your work as it helps give a snapshot to others of what your event was like. This can come in the form of trailers, behind the scenes interviews, vox pops from audience members and Vlogs and it also gives potential supporters the opportunity to preview your work if it’s not currently on stage. Video is one of the most important marketing tools and is continuing to grow. Facebook is now the “go to place” for video watching above Youtube!

At the Media Trust we realised that the reason not all non-for profit organisations are doing this is because of the perception that it has to be expensive – an impression we’d like to counter, it’s amazing what you can do with a smartphone/ tablet and a good editing app if you know how!

Across the UK we’ll be running workshops which teach you low cost film-making, editing, distribution, more advanced filming and campaign planning.

We’re offering the opportunity to be:

  • one of 30 organisations to attend free workshops on filmmaking, digital content and messaging
  • one of 6 to be the focus of an episode for a new series
  • eligible to have your filmed work broadcasted on our Community Channel which has 12 million viewers per year
  • the subject for the My Brilliant Moment series which is an opportunity for you to talk about your ideas and inspirations
  • matched with a media professional who’ll give you free mentoring

This is not too good to be true, because you can sign up for all that – here

I’m available to answer your questions at and if you’re interested in being one of the 30 organisations to get low cost film training then please email me with your interest for the dates below:

  • Newcastle Session 1 – Newcastle Arts Centre – Weds 16th March
  • Newcastle Session 2 – Newcastle Arts Centre – Weds 6th April
  • Newcastle Session 3 – Newcastle Arts Centre – Weds 27th April
  • Birmingham Session 1 – Library of Birmingham – Fri 1st April
  • Birmingham Session 2 – Library of Birmingham – Fri 22nd April
  • Birmingham Session 3 – Library of Birmingham – Fri 13th May
  • Rhyl – WCVA, Morfa Hall – Wed 13th April
  • Highlands & Islands Training Scotland – Wed 13th/ Thur 14th April
  • Highlands & Islands Training Scotland – wc 15th May and wc 13th June.
  • London Session 1 – Media Trust – Fri 15th April
  • London Session 2 – Media Trust – Fri 6th May
  • London Session 3 – Media Trust – Fri 20th May


To be eligible you need to be a not for profit organisation/ group or charity and be able to commit to all the dates in your location.

While I’m here – we also offer a free press release distribution service to help you get your story out to a wide range of newspapers. More

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions – good luck!

Thanks Rebecca. You can follow The Media Trust on twitter and facebook and browse their site here.

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