How To Fund Theatre – Part 1/3 – Major Donors, Minor Donors, Ticket Sales, Merchandise and Personal Investment

For those of you who’ve worked with me or met me at one of our Theatre Maker Meet-Ups, you’ll know that I can’t help but have a little grumble about arts funding. My gripes aren’t usual ones though:
I think we’ve become too depndent on the idea that people will fund us.
Grants are understandably our first thought because they’re organisations that have stood up and said – “We value the arts and we have money” – which most of other avenues on this list don’t shout.

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What does the future hold for digital theatre?

We’re proud to introduce you to Becky Schutt of AEA Consulting who, at the UK Theatre Touring Symposium 2016 introduced an exciting new piece of research that has just been commissioned: Live To Digital. I’ll let her tell you more about it…

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How To Get Critics To Come

Image by Pete O’Shea Today I’m delighted to introduce a talented critic and producer to whom I gave consultancy at #EdFringe2015. She’s co-founder of the Network of Independent Critics which is a collective of professional reviewers who, concerned... read more

Making, supporting and funding arts/science projects.

Image by Undercurrent. We’re delighted to feature one of our member’s events, a talk on: Making, supporting and funding arts/science projects.   Saturday 2 April 2016, 16.45 – 17.15 (after the 1500 matinee) Free to (matinee and evening) ticket holders Attend... read more

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