gobo’s Pre-Launch Press Release

Here’s our July 2015 Press Release for general circulation.

We’d appreciate it if you let us know when it will appear in your publication so we can tweet about it!

Here’s our July 2015 Press Release for general circulation.

We’d appreciate it if you let us know when it will appear in your publication so we can tweet about it!

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gobo: taking the hassle out of tour booking

New online service makes booking tours easier, quicker and more efficient

gobo, a service for theatre makers and venue programme managers, will launch online this autumn. This new site will allow members to easily and quickly match the right show to the right venue across the UK.

Created by experienced theatre professional Camilla Halford,gobo is a solution to the frustrations she has faced working on behalf of both venues and theatre makers.

gobo offers a compendium of every traditional theatre venue in the UK, regularly verified and date-stamped. It will constantly be updated to include traditional and non-traditional venues, and will seek detailed information from venue programmers on what kinds of productions they are looking for. The venues will be easily searchable and, as gobo develops, it will also offer detailed information on technical specifications, so that you can make informed choices.

Halford says: “When you work in a venue, you’re always seeking new ways to engage with your audience – both loyal fans and elusive newcomers. Discovering new productions to tantalise and excite audiences of all kinds can be very difficult, especially when resources are stretched. Receiving hundreds of unsolicited emails from theatre makers can be great, but usually a very small percentage of them are relevant to the audience or consistent with previous programming. gobo provides venues with a portal to tell theatre makers exactly what they want. Cutting down on irrelevant emails will make programming easier, and encourage fruitful new collaborations.”

For theatre makers, gobo is a service that you can trust. Every producer has a personal database of venues, but ensuring thousands of records are up-to-date is time consuming. Every venue entry on gobo is verified and date stamped, so that you can contact a programme manager with confidence. It means that you don’t need to hire a consultant or tour booker, and can be in charge of your own relationships.

Halford says: “It is really rewarding to be able to offer this solution for both venues and theatre makers. As a lover of performance in unconventional places I’m really interested to see how it will develop, in terms of opening up the UK’s untapped potential theatre spaces.”

gobo will launch in the Autumn, but theatre makers can sign up now for a limited time Early Bird discount of 50% – making a monthly subscription just £4.99 when you sign up for a year. You can also choose a single month’s subscription with the early bird discount for £13.99, or an annual payment of £59.99. These prices are only available until the day we launch, so sign up now!

Venues who want to be among the first to work with this new way of booking can contact Camilla Halford at



For more information, contact:

Camilla Halford

033 0088 9654


Credit to Eleanor Turney for her brilliant job editing our original.

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