We’re theatre makers at gobo too. We know that raising funds and managing cash flow can be a major problem – and we don’t want that to hold you back.

After all, you have the most valuable resource there is, in abundance – YOU!

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You have a wealth of skills, talents, shows and knowledge and you can use them to sign up for a gobo subscriptions

Please note that we aim to respond to these requests within 7 days of receiving them. We offer free access for limited periods of time via our Inside Track newsletter – put your name down so you know when the next one is. You can access all our venues instantly by signing up.


We’re signed up with Economy of Hours (Echo) which is time banking platform. You can trade in an hour of whatever you do to any of the members (doesn’t have to be theatre, could be cooking, language lessons, or anything you can think of) and you can buy gobo with it within the site.

More information

Go to Echo

Theatre Shows

We’re trialling some of the bartering schemes that exist in the UK. We’ll take the hassle out of it though by being an intermediary. That means you grant us a maximum of 3 pairs of tickets, up to the value of one of our subscription packages (£27.99, £83.99 or £119.99) and we’ll grant you that level of membership.

For more information, read this to apply.


We’re interested in the good old fashioned barter as well. If you have something that you think our staff will like, our organisation needs or that we can offer as a prize that is of similar value to our three subscription packages, then email us on

Please note, this is done on an entirely personal basis with a high likelihood that you will be refused. Please don’t take this personally it just means that we can’t use what you have right now. This is the reason that bartering died out in exchange for the universally useful money!


Do you know a lot about producing or theatre making? Could you speak for 15 minutes on it? Our Meet-Ups are designed to share the wealth of knowledge we’ve all picked up over the years and as a thank-you we offer speakers a month subscription to gobo.

This will be granted to you after you speak, and you will need to be in a location where we are hosting a Meet-Up. Please fill out this form to apply.


Have you performed somewhere we haven’t listed? Do you have reams of rich data you’d be happy to exchange with us for a subscription?

If you have 27, 83, 119 records that we don’t have (please check using our free version), of good quality, you can redeem them for our 1, 6 or 12 month packages. if you only have a few, then each record will count as an entry into a monthly prize-draw to win a month free subscription.

To enter the draw, please fill out this form. Please note, each entry will be checked before it is entered into the prize draw and poor quality entries will be omitted. It may take 1 month to process these, but you will be notified.

If you have 27+ records, please email with your phone number to discuss this with one of our Discovery Team.


We have competitions every so often. Please follow us on twitter and sign up to the gobo newsletter to find out more information.


Do you have a charity or corporate sponsor that you have good relationships with?

If they’d like to pay for your subscription, we are more than happy to promote them on our blog, twitter and email as a Sponsor. Please email us on to discuss this.

Give Us Feedback

We have a super secret facebook group – oh yes we do! – and in exchange for your thoughts, we regularly give free subscriptions to members. Find our public group on facebook and send us a message to join the secret one if you’re happy to answer the questions we post on there every so often on various aspects of the experience.


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